WWC Challenge Coin

by warriorclothing


The front of the WWC Challenge coin is emblazoned with our logo.  On the back side, is a relief of "Our Wounded Warrior", a composite digital artwork and was commissioned by the WWC in the fall of 2019 by Silvia Pacota.

The central element of the piece is a sculpture-like rendering of the WWC logo. On the left, our First Responders: Firefighters and Canadian Forces members, battling fires and firefights. On the right, those who serve us at home and abroad: combat medics, Emergency Responders and Police work diligently to protect those in harm's way. The faux relief' maple leaves adorn the enclosing stone-like framework that suggests the shape of the Red Cross. The inscription, HONOUR THE FALLEN, HELP THE LIVING, reflects the mission of WWC.

Honour the Fallen, Help the Living

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