$500K Donation from Operation Service Dog

We are proud to announce that Legion Ontario Command has presented us with a $500,000 donation in support of our PTSD Service Dog program. This donation is made possible through Legion Ontario Command’s Operation Service Dog.

In 2014, both Wounded Warriors Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion were instrumental in convincing the Canadian government to fund a Committee to move towards national standards for the provision of PTSD service dogs for veterans. Both organizations were saddened at the failure of that committee.

Undeterred, we moved forward towards a national framework.

The Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Command’s Operation Service Dog was established in 2018. This partnership provides stability of funding that helps ensure Veterans are paired with Dogs that meet the criteria for a WWC Service Dog, including: ethical training standards for client and service dog teams, aftercare, financial transparency of training providers, and insurance coverage.

Since 2018, Operation Service Dog has paired 61 Veterans with service dogs. Another 27 dogs are currently in training through this amazing program.

“It is the hope of the Branches and Ladies’ Auxiliaries of The Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Command that each Service Dog paired with a Veteran improves their quality of life.  This donation of a half million dollars will continue making that happen.”  — Ontario Provincial President, Derek Moore.

Together we are changing the landscape in the Province and the message is resonating across the country.  Owing in large part to this partnership all WWC national SD providers have committed to the following: 

Core Values:

  1. Client Centred, Continuity of Care:  Our programs are committed to ongoing collaboration with clients, their circle of support and mental health professionals; including the use of a detailed set of WWC prescriber guidelines, regular team follow ups and re-certifications, and a successor dog process.
  2. Ethical Canine Care:  Dogs are the heart of our member programs. Our programs share a commitment to animal welfare and well-being; including ethical training, screening and deployment processes.
  3. Ongoing Collaboration and Education:  Ongoing collaboration and cooperation between member programs ensures the best possible outcomes for clients and service dog teams, strengthens client advocacy, community education, and cultural competency, and supports our national brand recognition.

On behalf of all us at Wounded Warriors Canada, we are grateful for the partnership with Ontario Legion Command and look forward to the continued life-changing results.


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